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How To Get Free Google Play Store Gift Card Codes! [LEGIT METHOD]

Google play gift cards are used to buy the content from the Google play store. Google play gift card gives you Free Google Play Codes to make purchases on the Google play store.

But for that, you have to first redeem the Google play gift cards to add money in your Google account and it is quite easy to redeem your Google play gift cards. Here are the tips to redeem your Google play gift cards:

google play redeem code

Once you have a Google play gift cards find the code under the silver foil.
Open Google play on your smartphone or computer.
Tap the three horizontal line menu buttons on the top left corner of the screen.
Click the Redeem button in the drop-down menu.
Type the 16 digit code you found under the silver strip of your gift card.
Tap redeem and tap confirm to add money to your Google account.

Google Play Gift Cards

You can easily get Google play gift cards from various website and from an array of outlets as well. Google play gift cards come in the denomination of $10, $15, $25 and so on. You can use the money earned from Google play gift cards to purchase paid apps, videos, games, e-books, music, and movies available on the Google play store.

Google Play arose from 3 different products: Google MusicGoogle Book Store, and Android Market. Google aired the Android Market on August 28th, 2008, and it was publicly available to users on October 22.

In November 2011, content filtering was also included to the Android Market, each app’s specifications page started showing a promotional graphic at the head, it also ensured maximum security level and the greatest size of an app was raised from 25 MBS to 50 MBS.

Google release bookstore on December 6, 2010, pioneering with 3 million e-books. Which further got the title “the largest ebooks collection in the world.”

Google Play Gift Cards

If you want to use our Google Play code generator then it is also free without any survey. The generator allows you to create unlimited codes.

This code generator is an easy way to find new Google Play redeem codes without any problem or risk of viruses from downloading the code generator program.


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